Sophisticated devices in the invasion Osama

Besides involving a highly qualified special forces of the Navy SEALs, manhunt operations and attack Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, also involves a variety of high technology. In fact, military operations conducted on Monday (05/02/2011) early morning Pakistan time is very dependent on the accuracy of information obtained from various device technologies.
Since the U.S. Central Intelligence (CIA) managed to track the residence of Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti-major courier Osama in Abbottabad, August 2010-the CIA together with two other intelligence agencies to monitor the house which is located not far from the Military Academy kakul it.
The two agencies are the National Security Agency (NSA), charged with intercepting and analyzing the entire electronic communications signals in the house, as well as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which is in charge of collecting, developing, and analyzing satellite imagery depicting the location.
The Huffington Post, quoting White House statement says, the intelligence and military rely on satellite imagery and "highly advanced technology that is still kept secret" to develop the satellite imagery into information that convinced that bin Laden was in the house.
The result of this satellite image analysis, the U.S. military could build a replica of the house, complete with all the details, such as high wall surrounding the house. Replication complex was built in Baghram Air Base, Afghanistan, early April, as a means of training troops end SEALs.
According to remote sensing expert from the University of Chiba, Japan, Sri Sumantyo Tetuko Josaphat, very likely the U.S. using spy satellites capable of displaying images on the wall behind the house.
Josaphat told Kompas, Wednesday, satellites equipped with microwave sensors under the S-band frequencies can see through walls made of various types of building materials, ranging from bricks, soil mixture, until the concrete.
Mitch Derman of i2 adds intelligence analysis agency, the U.S. intelligence community also uses social network analysis software to assemble a variety of information relating to intelligence that seemed to be a pattern to follow. This software was used to track down Saddam Hussein.
Device identification
To identify the targets that they managed to disable it, SEALs troops, who attacked the house of Osama, is also equipped with handheld biometric devices Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit II (Seek II). Equipment weighing less than 1.8 kilograms were able to scan the iris, fingerprints, and face, then transmit them wirelessly to headquarters to be matched with the identity database fugitive U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
To verify this identification, the team also alleged attacker equipped with a portable DNA testing device, which is capable of removing the DNA comparison results in just two hours.
End of 2010, a team from the University of Arizona demonstrated a tool that can accomplish this a DNA test within two hours. In fact, DNA testing typically takes up to 14 days. Allegedly, the U.S. military has had this kind of tool. (HUFFINGTONPOST.COM / NATIONALJOURNAL.COM / DHF)
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